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Our Mission as the Pink Ladies MN is to provide a positive experience and attitude for women that are going through Breast Cancer. The Pink Ladies MN is a group of 15 Ladies, some are survivors and most are supporters that advocate the importance of Early Detection. Ms Pamela Weems founded the Pink Ladies MN in 2011 after being diagnosed in 1998 with stage 4 Breast Cancer. After being Cancer free for 12 years she was diagnosed a second time. Pamela has shared her personal experience and journey with thousands of people.

Recently being Honored by the Minnesota Vikings being named the Hometown Hero for her work in the Community advocating the importance of Earlier Detection. Pink Ladies MN service women that have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and need support to keep a positive outlook while going through treatment. Our services include Shopping for Wigs, Bras/Camisoles Fittings, Makeup and Skincare Consultations, Self Care/Self Love, Self Confidence and Healing seminars.

We also have events Honoring those that are Survivors, Warriors, and those that have lost the Battle.


Pink Ladies MN also started an Organization called Rebel with a Cause providing healthy snacks and juices to the children of mothers that are going through treatment. After being a single Mother losing income Pamela found she couldn’t afford to buy the snacks her children were used to having and felt they were suffering by not having their favorite snacks. Rebel is her 10 year old Grandson who inspired her to start Rebel With A Cause. We have served 100’s of Moms and Children over the years….


Early Detection Saves Lives
Rebel With A Cause
Pink Ladies MN

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